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KAPATA / Profresh
4th Floor, Building A1, Yilai Industrial Park, Shiyan, Bao'an, Shenzhen,China

Company Profile

Profresh is Chinese famous brand belong to Shenzhen KAPATA Lighting Co.,Ltd  who is focusing on professional tailored lighting solution for food retail since 2006. Our full range includes Profresh Meat, Profresh Bakery, Profresh Deli, Profresh Green, Profresh Dairy and so on. A bright idea to let the meat look fresher, the bread more golden, the fruit more verdant. Profresh is especially optimized for each food display cases, food freezer, refrigerated cabinet and other food showcases etc, with its top competitive on unique color output, high brightness for perfect goods visibility, low heat emission, no infrared or ultraviolet for food healthy. Choose right color, right brightness, right products to create best competitive for food display cases, unprecedented cost savings and increased sales opportunities throughout your stores. Good light sells better, energy-efficient and convenient lighting solution for food retail. After many years’ developments and research, Profresh has earned greatly attentions from world famous supermarkets, commercial freezer companies and local lighting distributors. With whom we confirmed cooperation relationship and well progressed. Profresh continuously get feedback from customers and markets which consolidated Profresh standing in this area firmly. If you are searching for the best possible way to merchandise and highlight your fresh food displays and want true vibrant colors and superior food protection, Profresh is the best professional food lighting solutions from China. Profresh is always on the way !